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GreenStalk 7 Tier Vertical Planter

GreenStalk 7 Tier Vertical Planter

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MADE IN USA - Introducing GreenStalk's newest vertical planter since their Original debuted in 2014. This shallow version of the GreenStalk Original enables more leafy greens, root vegetables, and herbs to be grown in the same footprint as the Original!


  • 7 'Leaf' Planters Each With 6 Planting Pockets
  • 6 Grey Watering Disks
  • 1 Top Water Reservoir


  • Perfect for smaller plants and root vegetables
  • GreenStalk Leaf tiers are each 7”/17.8 cm deep
  • Includes 42 planting pockets
  • Holds 5.5 cubic feet/.15 cubic meters (about 42 gallons/.16 cubic meters) of potting mix
  • Assembled planter measures 19”/42.8 cm wide x 56”/1.4 m tall (nearly identical in height to a 5 Tier Original)

The GreenStalk Leaf comes with the same patented watering system as the Original GreenStalk. Simply fill the top water reservoir to water all the tiers below at the same time. Water from daily to once every couple of weeks depending on what you plant and the time of year.

The GreenStalk Leaf is made in East Tennessee with high quality, food-grade, UV-resistant, BPA, BPS & PVC-free plastic. It comes with a 5-year warranty on both the color and functionality of the planter. 

The GreenStalk Spinning Base is sold separately.


19”/42.8 cm wide x 56”/1.4 m tall, with 7”/18 cm deep tiers, holding 5.5 cubic feet/.55 cubic meters (about 42 gallons/.16 cubic meters) of potting mix

How To Use

Fill the pockets of your Vertical Planter with soil, and plant seeds or transplant starts. To water, simply fill the top water reservoir and GreenStalk takes care of the rest. Watch as the water flows from the top water reservoir, down the center of the planter, to each watering disk, where it distributes the water equally to all six pockets. Check the soil often to determine when your plants need water.


Q: What plants are best for the GreenStalk 5 Tier Vertical Planter?

A: There are very few types of plants that aren't good in the GreenStalk at all -- you can't grow 2' long Daikon radishes in them, for instance! But a wide array of vegetables, strawberries, flowers and herbs grow well in the GreenStalk Vertical Planter.

Q: How much soil do I need?

A: Each Original Tier holds 1 cubic foot of potting mix (about 8 gallons/30.3 liters). Each Leaf Tier holds 0.8 cubic feet of potting mix (about 6 gallons/22.7 liters).

Q: Can the GreenStalk Vertical Planter be used indoors?

A: Our planters can be used indoors. We recommend adding grow lights based on your growing environment, and adding a GreenStalk Mover or Ultimate Spinner would be a necessity for ensuring water doesn't drain out onto the floor. Please note that water cannot be held for an extended amount of time in either GreenStalk Base and should be allowed to drain into another container.

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