About Us

Epic Gardening is a gardening company with a simple, but audacious mission:

We want to help 100,000,000+ people around the world learn how to grow their own food.

Since founding Epic Gardening as a hobby in 2013, the founder Kevin Espiritu has grown the company to reach millions of aspiring gardeners in over 100 countries around the world.

Having tested hundreds of products over a decade of growing food, we now offer hand-selected, high-quality products that we personally use, love, and recommend.

We consider every product we carry on our store to be best in its class, and will never compromise on quality...ever.


Who's Behind Epic Gardening?

Kevin Espiritu of Epic Gardening

Hi there - I'm Kevin Espiritu. I began gardening in 2010 in my early 20s, when I was feeling lost and disconnected from the natural world.

Gardening became my saving grace, showing me a better way to engage with the world than wasting dozens of hours a week playing video games and feeling depressed quite frankly, lonely.

Realizing the tremendous joy gardening brought me, I began sharing my journey online. Years later, Epic Gardening is now a multi-platform gardening education and products company with the mission to help 100,000,00+ people grow their own food.

I have been featured as a Timberland "Hero for Nature", written a best-selling urban gardening book, and been on a multitude of podcasts, TV programs, and magazines for my work in urban gardening.

Quality: Our Guiding Principle

In the world of gardening products, there are a TON of cheaply-made, poorly-designed, or copycat products. I should know - I've tried nearly all of them.

These products will last you a season or two and then break down, wasting your money and creating more trash for the landfill.

At Epic Gardening, we take a different approach.

Every product we stock in our store is hand-selected after detailed testing, research, and seasons worth of "in-the-garden" growing experience.

In short, if it doesn't stand up to our level of quality, we do not carry it in our store...plain and simple.