Customer Gardens

At Epic Gardening, our success hinges on the success of your gardens. Here are a few profiles of some of our customers' gardens, with a breakdown on the beds they've used any any special design elements you can use for inspiration in your own space.

Flicker Hill Homestead

This incredible garden comes from Erica of Flicker Hill Homestead. She ordered:

Erica Bosse's Garden

    Erica and her husband invested time an energy in planning out not only the overall garden space, but the beds they needed and the dimensions they were going to configure each bed to.

    Then, they leveled the entire garden space, and leveled each Birdies bed not only to itself, but relative to all other beds in the garden, giving the garden the clean lines and tidy appearance you see.

    The most notable part of Flicker Hill Homestead's garden are the use of large white PVC structures that were built and inserted down to the ground level, on the interior walls of each Tall 8-in-1 bed. These structures allow for vertical training of just about any crop you can imagine: juicy tomatoes, huge squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe. The semi-permanent nature of them means they're easy to swap to another bed, remove for the season, all while being extremely inexpensive to construct.

    Jasmine Stone

    This incredible before and after comes from Jasmine Stone, who ordered:

    Jasmine Stone Before

    Here is Jasmine's backyard space before the transformation - bare dirt and uncovered sod with some classic wooden log-cabin style raised beds scattered about the property.

    Jasmine Stone After

    After laying down heavy-duty landscape fabric and lining the ground with decomposed granite and various types of gravel, Jasmine went about constructing her Birdies Original 6-in-1 beds. She played around with both the spacing between beds, and the dimensions of each bed to achieve a space-efficient design that also looks incredibly lush. In the back of the garden, she was still able to use her log-cabin style wooden raised beds to line the fence and maximize her growing area.

     Nonno Ziccardy

    Nonno's garden has evolved slowly over the last two years, as both him and his spouse have won a battle against cancer and gardening has become an integral part of their healthy lifestyle.

    Over the last two years, Nonno has come back to Epic Gardening again and again to add more Birdies beds and other accessories to his incredible backyard Florida garden:

    Nonno Ziccardy

    Nonno started off with two Original 6-in-1 Birdies beds to replace two rotted-out wooden beds that he'd been growing in for years. After setting them up, he wanted something more accessible, and picked up 2 Tall 6-in-1 beds for the 30" of height they offer. A greenhouse went in next for seed starting, and then he rounded out his lush backyard space with 4 more Original 6-in-1 beds.

    Link Robertson

    "They are perfect for cilantro, lettuce, spinach, etc. all fall, winter, and into spring."

    Link's garden is a fantastic example of creating a space near the home that he can grow fresh produce and bring it directly inside for preparing into fresh, healthy meals for himself and his family. He purchased:

    Link Robertson

    According to Link:

    "I put them here because it was the best space, if not location. They are on the north side of the house, but we get so much sun here it’s worked out well.

    I'm currently growing zinnias, Charentais melons, green beans, strawberries, more melons, and more zinnias in the 6 Birdies. They are perfect for cilantro, lettuce, spinach, etc. all fall, winter, and into spring. I fill the entire bed and have fantastic results."

    Jason Trumpf

    "We went with Birdies to reduce the footprint and make it easy to weed."

    Jason used to have an in-ground garden that was 30' x 40' and was challenging to weed. He picked up these beds from us:

    From Jason:

    "I used to have an inground garden that was 30' x 40' and it became challenging to weed and maintain with our bust lifestyle. So we went with Birdies to reduce the foot print and make it easy to weed.

    Each bed is filled with half wood chunks topped with garden soil and compost soil and then covered with chopped garden straw. I spaced them out so I can run my mower between them for ease of maintenance. We may add 2 or 3 more next season!"