Collection: Cabbage

These heads wear many hats—red, green, wrinkled and crinkled, or upright and strong. Cabbage grows best in fertile, rich soil with good drainage, consistent moisture, and full sun. Temperatures consistently below 50°F or above 75°F may cause bolting. Cabbage "heads-up" in cool weather and is sweetened with a nip of frost.

Therefore, plan your sowing based on the best weather for harvesting. For example, if your temperatures are cooling in late summer to fall and you want to harvest in mid-October, then a cabbage that takes 120 days should be direct sown in mid-June or transplanted out in July.

If your temperatures aren't cool until January, you would want to direct sow the same variety in September or transplant seedlings out in October. Varieties with short days to maturity are the best candidates for spring sowing.