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5" Cube Pot

5" Cube Pot

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Our large 5" pot, injection-molded with recycled plastic right here in the USA. Fantastic for starting larger vegetables like pumpkins, squash, melons, or cucumbers. Also great to pot up smaller seedlings from our Epic 6-Cell or Epic 4-Cell trays. You can even grow herbs and smaller veggies directly in this large, durable 5" pot.

Compatible with 4-cell domes and trays


Height: 5-¼ inches

Top: 5-⅛ by 5-⅛ inches

Bottom: 3-¾ by 3 ¾ inches

Volume: 1.4 quarts

#5 PP Recycled Plastic, BPA-free, UV-treated

Why Epic loves it

Great for potting up tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant

Growing herbs in a greenhouse or on a countertop

Nursery must have - an integral part of a full seed starting kit

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