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Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed Package
Birdies Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Bed Garden, Mist Green
Birdies Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Bed Garden, Merino
Birdies Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Bed Garden, Slate Grey
Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed
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Original 6-in-1 Metal Raised Garden Bed

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PRE-ORDER TODAY - We sold out faster than expected, and the next batch is scheduled to arrive May 11, 2020. Reserve your bed in time for Spring - we are only releasing 100 beds in each color for pre-order!

Birdies metal raised garden beds are the #1 raised bed in Australia, and they are finally available in America!

They're made from cold-rolled galvanized steel with an Aluzinc coating, ensuring durability and longevity under all environmental conditions.

Customizable: Each bed can be assembled into 1 of 6 different shapes, giving you complete flexibility in your garden design.

15" Tall: Compared to most metal beds at 12" tall or less, these beds offer improved pest resistance and season extension. They also allow for better soil life, drainage, and root growth.

Easy to Assemble: Put your bed together with stainless steel fasteners for no-tool construction, keeping your bed sturdy and safe from bowing.

Lightweight and Strong: Cold-rolled galvanized Aluzinc steel is extremely lightweight but will stand the test of time.

Rust and Corrosion Resistant: Aluzinc is 2-6x more effective against rust and corrosion than standard galvanized coatings. These will outlast even the highest-quality wooden raised beds with no fading over time.

Safe to UseThe rolled steel edge at the top comes with a durable safety strip, which looks fantastic and protects you from injury.


Each bed you buy can be configured into one of these six configurations:

Length Width Height
63" 23.6"
23.6" 15"
23.6" 15"
51" 35.4" 15"


Q. What are the beds made from and will they rust?

The steel base material is Aluzinc, which is a cold rolled galvanized steel with a metal coating composed of aluminum and zinc. It's the same material used for roofs, gutters, and downpipes.

In a direct comparison with standard galvanized coatings, Aluzinc performs 2-6x better at rust and corrosion resistance.

With a wood bed, your timber will rot eventually. Likewise these will rust eventually, however it will be many years before this happens. We have beds still in use from 2007 and are showing minimal signs of corrosion.

If you keep the soil free-draining, pH neutral and do not use fresh chicken manure, your beds will last many years.

Q. Can I place the beds on hard surfaces such as concrete?

If you would like to place your bed on pavers, concrete, or tiles we recommend using a geo-textile fabric.

To use, place your bed into position, place the fabric on the inside bottom of the garden bed with excess fabric going up each side, and fill with soil.

The fabric allows the water to drain freely but keeps the soil in place.

Optional: To protect the surface, thick builders plastic or coreflute can be placed down before placing your bed into position, once the bed is filled, the excess plastic can be trimmed around the edge of the garden bed with an Exacto knife.

Q. What is the thickness of your metal beds?

22 gauge.

Q. Can the clip on safety strip handle freezing temps?

Yes, it is designed to withstand freezing winter temperatures.

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