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GreenStalk Garden

Vertical Planter Water Reservoir Lid

Vertical Planter Water Reservoir Lid

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Product Details

This top water reservoir is designed for watering your Greenstalk Vertical Planter. Add a lid to your vertical planter to help keep debris from blowing into the top water reservoir.

How To Use

Simply place the lid over your water reservoir to keep out any debris. 

To water your GreenStalk, use a bucket or a hose with good water pressure for the best results. Fill the water reservoir and watch the water swirl down the center funnel. Watch for the water to start dripping out of the bottom. Then stop filling. Through the season, you will learn how much water your planter needs based on when it starts to drip. This can change as your plants grow or the weather changes.

Why You'll Love It

Not only does a GreenStalk vertical planter provide efficient and reliable growth in a small space, the water reservoir makes irrigating plants easy and even. The reservoir and the center funnel provide a dependable way to keep plants happy and thriving even in hot weather. This lid is another great piece to add to your GreenStalk, as it limits the buildup of dirt and debris that would otherwise enter the water reservoir.


Q: How do I clean my GreenStalk water reservoir?

A: Clean it in the same manner that you would your planter. Use a dish detergent and water to do a full clean, or spot clean with a toothbrush. Clean the planter and reservoir between each season. 

Q: Why is water running straight out of the planter and not filling the grey disks?

A: First, check your grey disks to see if any of the holes are clogged. This is the most common reason for water immediately running out of the bottom of the planter.

Sometimes it can be hard to see the grey disks dripping water into the soil. To check this, lift the top tier while the top water reservoir is still draining water. You should be able to see water in the first grey disk dripping water into the soil.

Secondly, if all the grey disks are full, any more water added to the top water reservoir will flow out the bottom of the planter. With the funnel design of the GreenStalk Vertical Planter, it isn’t possible for water to travel all the way through the GreenStalk without filling the grey disks first.

Q: How do I water seeds in the GreenStalk?

A: You may have noticed that the water doesn’t always make it to the out rim of the pockets in the GreenStalk. As your plants grow, they can easily access the moisture in the soil because their roots begin to fill the planter. However, in the beginning, we recommend misting the pockets with seeds until they germinate. This helps to ensure that your seeds are staying consistently moist. Once your sprouts get established, you can use the top water reservoir as usual.

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