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Vertical Planter Plant Support

Vertical Planter Plant Support

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Looking for even more support? Grow an even wider variety of fruits and vegetables with our patented heavy-duty plant supports proudly made in East Tennessee. These Plant Supports act as a stabilizing plant support frame, making it perfect for stalking and trellising larger plants, like watermelon, squash, and pepper plants.

For plants that grow vertically, place the Plant Supports on the tier above the desired planted pockets. Experience the joy of containerized gardening for yourself with GreenStalk Plant Supports!

  • GreenStalk Plant Supports at a glance:
  • Plant Support comes with a full ring set that easily snaps together
  • Made with thick, high-quality, UV-protected, polypropylene plastic reinforced with glass
  • Easily interlocks with GreenStalk vertical planters for extra stability
  • Your plant support ring has a 38”/96.5 cm assembled size


Each support is composed of thick, high-quality, UV-protected, polypropylene plastic reinforced with glass. When assembled, each support ring has a 38”/96.5 cm size. 

What's included

  • 6 green extenders that interlock with your vertical planter
  • 6 green ring connectors for sturdy plant support

  • Reusable cloth drawstring bag

  • Easy-to-follow instructions

    Sold separately: GreenStalk Vertical Planters and GreenStalk Bases

    How To Use

    Attach the inner support extenders to your planter, and then attach ring connectors for each area of support you need. Do this when your plants are young, before they are in need of support. Then gently wrap or drape your plants through the supports as they grow. Use as many supports as you need, up the the amount of tiers you’re growing in.

    Why You'll Love It

    These plant supports are an excellent way to grow even larger plants in a Greenstalk alongside all your other plants and herbs. The supports are a space-saver, giving you the option to grow sprawling and climbing plants in a much smaller footprint. 


    Q: Can I use plant supports without adding them to every tier?

    A: Yes! You do not have to use supports on every tier. Feel free to reserve your plant supports for only those tiers above the pockets where your plants are growing. 

    Q: How do I clean my plant supports?

    A: Clean them in the same manner that you would your planter. Use dish detergent and water for a total clean, or spot clean, and let them air-dry.

    Q: Which plants are best for the supports?

    A: Peppers, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and  snap peas are all perfect candidates for these supports. These also work for eggplant, sweet potato vine, and anything else that needs a structure to stay upright.

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