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Slat Rectangular Planter Box

Slat Rectangular Planter Box

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Product Details

Elevate your gardening experience with this cutting-edge planter box featuring a sleek slatted design inspired by classic wooden planters. Unlike traditional designs, this planter boasts a spacious single-compartment layout, enhanced with the latest TruDrop self-watering technology for unparalleled innovation.

Discover the perfect blend of timeless aesthetics and modern functionality in this state-of-the-art self-watering planter box. Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

Self-Watering Technology: The easy-to-read water-level indicator lets you know the right time to fill the reservoir, meaning you can go weeks without watering thanks to integrated TruDrop One self-watering technology.

Unique Drainage:  This indoor / outdoor planter includes a pre-drilled drainage hole for healthier plant growth. When using the planter outdoors, remove the red waterproof plug. A hidden overfill tube drains out excess rainwater, ensuring longevity of your plants.

Lightweight and Sturdy: Constructed with 100% recyclable rotation molded polyethylene, making it lightweight, chip-resistant and durable.

Weather Resistant: The planter has a weather-proof structure that ensures the planter won't fade or crack during extreme temperatures.

10-Year Warranty: Enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year limited warranty on the shell.

Food-Safe: Constructed with eco-friendly material to grow your favorite herbs and edibles.

Easy to Use: Effortless setup with no assembly required.

Ideal Gift Choice: Perfect for plant enthusiasts, gardeners, or anyone looking to elevate their green living spaces.


100% recyclable rotation-molded polyethylene planter. Self watering.

Slat Medium Deck Box 36" x 17" x 17"H Planter

Width: 35.87 x 17.95 in or 91.1 x 45.6 cm

Height: 31.18 x 9.09 in or 79.2 x 23.1 cm

Depth: 16.54 in or 42 cm

Soil Volume: 15.59 gal or 59 l

Water Volume: 11.36 gal or 43 l

Slat Large Deck Box 47" x 19" x 23"H Planter

Width: 46.65 x 19.09 in or 118.5 x 48.5 cm

Height: 22.83 in or 58 cm

Depth: 41.89 x 15.35 in or 106.4 x 39 cm

Soil Volume: 35.53 gal or 134.5 l

Water Volume: 17.38 gal or 65.8 l

Slat Small Window Box 23" x 13" x 12"H Planter

Width: 23.07 x 12.60 in or 58.6 x 32 cm

Height: 11.81 in or 30 cm

Depth: 18.70 x 6.69 in or 47.5 x 17 cm

Soil Volume: 4.76 gal or 18 l

Water Volume: 3.88 gal or 14.7 l

Slat Medium Window Box 35" x 13" x 12"H Planter

Width: 34.88 x 12.60 in or 88.6 x 32 cm

Height: 11.81 in or 30 cm

Depth: 30.51 x 6.69 in or 77.5 x 17 cm

Soil Volume: 7.93 in or 30 cm

Water Volume: 5.81 in or 22.7 cm

Slat Large Window Box 47" x 13" x 12"H Planter

Width: 46.69 x 12.60 in or 118.6 x 32 cm

Height: 11.81 in or 30 cm

Depth: 42.32 x 6.69 in or 107.5 x 17 cm

Soil Volume: 11.20 in or 42.4 cm

Water Volume: 7.93 in or 30 cm

Metal Bracket for wall mounting Slat Window Boxes

(Order 2 units for Small and Medium window box, order 3 for Large.)

Width: 10.14 x 0.79 in or 25.8 x 2 cm

Height: 11.81 in or 30 cm

How To Use

Begin by planting your selected plants in your Box Planter with a good quality potting soil specific to the needs of your plants. Then, using a hose or a watering can and a funnel, fill the water reservoir until the TruDrop indicator shows it’s full, with three visible drops. Add more water as the drops disappear. In hot, dry climates this could be a week, and in milder climates this could be multiple weeks.

Why You'll Love It

The pioneering TruDrop technology primes your planters for weeks without watering. The gauge is easy-to-read and tells you how much water your container has, letting you know when your plant is ready for more. That means less use of water resources, and no fertilizer run-off. They are made of 100% recyclable materials, and come with a 10 year limited warranty. TruDrop planters are environmentally safe and built to last.


Q: How do I clean or remove stains from my Crescent Garden planter?

A: A vinegar and water solution (25/75) works very well to remove especially hard water stains. The key is to leave it on for at least 10 minutes to really penetrate and remove. Ideally if you have a pressure cleaner these can come off easily once vinegar has penetrated the stains. Otherwise using a good sponge and a lot of water you should be able to remove most of it. Do not use abrasive sponges as these can scratch the material. 

Q: Where are the products made?

A: Crescent Garden’s mission is to source premium, sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials. They manufacture their roto-molded planters in Colombia.

Q: Are these planters food-safe?

A: Crescent Garden rotomolded planters are manufactured with food safe materials that comply with FDA standards for food contact and are BPA-free. So go ahead and grow lots of veggies, fruits and herbs and enjoy the process knowing you are growing the best.

Q: What is double walled?

A: All TruDrop One planters and most Crescent Garden-branded planters are double-walled to provide better root protection and ease of use.

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