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Nikki's Purely Chickens Seed Picks

Nikki's Purely Chickens Seed Picks

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Bundle brought to you by: @purelychickens

This limited edition seed bundle is great for chicken keepers! This variety of flowers, vegetables, and herbs will get your garden started with plants that you and your chickens will love. If you want golden yolks, entertainment, and nutrition, this is the bundle for your flock!

Marigolds: An excellent antioxidant and bug repellent! Expect more vibrant yolks, beaks, and skin!

Sunflowers: Sunflower seeds provide nutrients for chickens including vitamin E, magnesium and methionine!

Oregano: Oregano is high in vitamins E & K. It also supports their immune system. In particular, their respiratory health.

Pumpkin: Pumpkin is high in vitamin A which can help with immune systems, blood spots on eggs, and respiratory distress.  Some say the seeds help with parasites and chickens absolutely love picking apart a pumpkin which keeps them busy.

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