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Felco 980 Tool Spray

Felco 980 Tool Spray

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Product Details

Maintenance product - Spray VOC free

The only lubricating spray you will need for maintaining your pruning shears, loppers and cable cutters. A couple of short blasts of FELCO 980 precisely targets rust, dust and sap. It quickly cleans, lubricates and protects the cutting head so you can count on the continual high performance of your FELCO tool.


1.89 fl oz (55.89 mL) 

How To Use

Use this spray lubricant on blades and handles to prevent rust, corrosion, water damage, and residues of sap and dirt.  


Q: What is the difference between Felco 981 Resin Remover Spray and Felco 980 Tool Spray?

A: Felco 980 is a cleaning spray and the new Felco 981 is a resin/sap remover spray. Check out our article about Felco Pruners here!

Q: Can I use Felco 980 Tool Spray with other Felco products?

A: Yes! Use this after sharpening with the Felco 905 Sharpening Tool, and after applying Felco 981 Resin Remover Spray.

Q: Is the Felco 980 Tool Spray suitable for non-Felco pruners?

A: Yes! While the spray is expertly-crafted for Felco tools, it is useful anywhere lithium and calcium-based sprays can be used.

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