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Felco 911 Double Holster

Felco 911 Double Holster

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Holster - Leather - With belt loop and clip

Sometimes only a saw will do… For those occasions, the FELCO 911 double holster, made from genuine leather, holds a pair of FELCO pruning shears and a FELCO folding saw or two pairs of FELCO pruning shears. The choice is yours but the outstanding convenience and ergonomics - as with all FELCO tools - is mandatory.

Placed one behind the other, the two pockets provide a smooth transition and the easy grasp of your essential cutting tools. Rugged and reliable, made with heavy duty stitching and rivets, the FELCO 911 holster is the perfect companion to your pair of favorite FELCO tools.

How To Use

Use the holster to carry your two sets of Felco pruners with you wherever you go. Or use the holster to store your pruners while they’re not in use. 


Q: Can the Felco 911 Pruner Holster hold any Felco pruner models?

A: Yes! The Felco 911 is suitable for all one-handed Felco pruners. 

Q: Can I attach the holster to my belt?

A: Yes. The holster comes with a loop or clip attachment to your belt that lets you choose exactly what is right for you.

Q: Will the bottom of my pruning shears stick out of the bottom of the Felco 911 Holster?

A: No. The Felco 911 is designed to hold any standard-sized pruners, covering and protecting them and you from any damage. 

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