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Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus Organic Plant Food (4 lbs.)

Espoma Bio-tone Starter Plus Organic Plant Food (4 lbs.)

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Product Details

The Ultimate Starter Fertilizer with both Endo & Ecto Mycorrhizae

  • Grows larger root mass to help plants establish fast
  • Reduces transplant loss
  • Promotes bigger blooms
  • Microbe enhanced all natural organic fertilizer with no sludges or fillers

For use on everything you plant. Use when planting all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs.


  • 1 pound equals approx. 3 cups.
  • .5 kg equals approx. .7 L

How to use?

Use at time of planting to help produce large root systems very quickly.  This will help ensure that new plantings get maximum water and nutrients from the soil to minimize transplant loss.

  • Flower Beds: Mix 4 lbs./1.8 kgs. (12 cups/2.9 L) per 100 square feet/9.3 sq m into the top 4” to 6” (10.1 to 15.2 cm) of soil.
  • Bulbs: Place 1 tsp. (14.8 mL) per bulb in the hole prior to planting.
  • Potting Mixes: Mix 9 lbs. (4.1 kgs.) per cu. Yd. (.8 cu m) or 1 cup (.2 L) per cu. ft.
  • New Lawns: Apply 10 lbs. (4.5 kgs.) per 1,000 sq. ft. (92.9 sq m) prior to seeding or installing sod.

Bio-tone Starter Plus Application Table:

Plant Size



Up to 2 gallon1⅓ 
5 gallon2⅔ 
15 gallon41 ⅓ 
24” ball62
36” ball248
48” ball3010

Plant Size



Up to 9.1 L.2 .2 
22.7 L.5 .3
68.2 L.6
61 cm ball1.4 1
91.4 cm ball5.8 3.6
1.2 m ball7.2 4.5


  1. Should I water my plants or garden bed after applying Garden Tone?

    Yes. Water your plants thoroughly after each application. When feeding lawns, it’s best to apply just before it rains.

  2. I noticed a white fuzzy mold after applying Garden Tone. What is it and will it hurt my plants?

    The Tone plant foods are blends of natural & organic ingredients. When these materials break down under certain conditions, the result can be a mold-like growth on the soil surface. The growth is harmless and is evidence of the organics beginning the process of nutrient release. Simply turn it over with a shovel or fork if you find this growth unsightly.

  3. Can the Garden Tone stay on the foliage of my plants?

    Plant food should not be allowed to stay on plant foliage. If this occurs simply water to rinse the material from the foliage into the soil or brush it away with a broom.

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