Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

Coco Coir, Castings & Thermometer Bundle

Urban Worm Company

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Product Details

Amend & monitor your potting soil or worm bin with ease! Mix Urban Worm Coco Coir and Worm Castings into your soil or worm bin to turbocharge microbe colonization and water retention.

A single bundle makes 3.2 gallons/3.79 kilograms of an 80-20 mix of low-salt coco coir and microbially-active castings. A double makes 6.4 gallons of course!

Mix with topsoil and vermiculite for drainage and your potted plants are off to the races. An Urban Worm Thermometer is included to help you monitor temps in your soil or worm compost.


  • 3.2 gallons/3.79 kilograms of coco coir

  • 2 lbs/7.58 kg worm castings

  • Urban Worm Bag

  • Thermometer

How to use?

Couple the Bundle with the Urban Worm Bag!


  1. Is Urban Worm Coco Coir Rinsed to Remove Salt?
    Yes. In order to reduce the salt that is present in many lower-quality coco coirs, the coco coir we source has been rinsed to reduce salinity to 1.5 milliSiemens/cmo or (mS/cm) or less. We have had no complaints of high salt contents from worm breeders or indoor growers.

  2. What is the Worm Blanket Used For?
    The jute and hemp Urban Worm Blankets are laid on top of the vermicompost to help regulate moisture, keep conditions dark, and trap heat. If the vermicompost is wet enough (and it usually) is, this will help trap some of the moisture and you will find that worms are actually attracted to the natural fibers. The air spaces in the fibers also act to trap a small amount of heat inside the vermicompost.

  3. What is the Best Temperature Range for My Worm Bin?
    Worms are flesh and blood creatures, so they like the same temperature range that humans do, more or less. Your worms will thrive at around 75 degrees, but will have no problem surviving between 55 and 90 degrees F/13 and 32 degrees C.

    The worm population will begin to die quickly above 95-100 degrees F/13-32 degrees C if they do not have a warmer area in their bin to escape to.

    However, below 55 degrees F/32 degrees C, worms will likely not start dying until temperatures approach freezing. Studies also suggest that worm cocoons can stay viable in a frozen state for weeks or months until temperatures begin to rise again.
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