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Casperita Pumpkin Seeds

Casperita Pumpkin Seeds

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Add festive flair to your autumnal display with 'Casperita'! Petite, 4"–4 ½" pumpkins are a brilliant, pure white, making them excellent for painting. They look beautiful grouped together, or mixed in with a variety of other colorful pumpkins and gourds. In addition to being used for decoration, 'Casperita' is also edible. Resistant against powdery mildew and watermelon mosaic virus.

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Variety Info

Days to Maturity: 75 – 80 days

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Type: Pumpkin, Winter Squash (Learn more)

Native: Southern United States and Mexico

Hardiness: Frost-sensitive annual

Exposure: Full sun

Plant Dimensions: 6'–8' vines

Variety Info: Extra-small, white, round pumpkin; 4"–4 ½" diameter.

Attributes: Powdery Mildew Resistant, Watermelon Mosaic Virus Resistant, Frost Sensitive

Sowing Info

When to Sow Outside: RECOMMENDED. 2 to 4 weeks after your average last frost date, and when soil temperature is 70°–90°F.

When to Start Inside: Not recommended except in very short growing seasons, 2 to 4 weeks before your average last frost date. Sow in biodegradable pots that can be planted directly in the ground. Transplant after your average last frost date, when weather is warm and settled.

Days to Emerge: 7–14 days

Seed Depth: 1"

Seed Spacing: 2–3 seeds per mound

Row Spacing: 4' – 5'

Thinning: When several leaves, thin to 1 –2 per mound

Growing Info

Harvesting: Harvest pumpkins before the first fall frost, and when foliage has begun to dry out. Cut stem with a knife, leaving 3"–4" of stem on the pumpkin. Do not hold the pumpkin by the stem; if stem attachment gets broken, or any part of the pumpkin bruises, the pumpkin may rot. Brush off any dirt or leaves. Ideally, cure at 80°-85°F and 80–85% humidity or a warm, sunny spot with good air circulation for 1 to 2 weeks before eating or storage. Do not allow harvested fruit to get wet.