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Bee Bungalow with Trellis

Bee Bungalow with Trellis

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azul, fern, aubergine, charcoal, oxide, cloud, zinc, kumquat, charcoal

A vibrant, blooming garden needs pollinators and beneficial bugs.  

Our Bee Bungalow provides a perfect nesting opportunity for solitary Mason Bees "super pollinators" you want in your garden! It contains hand-cut natural lake bed reeds and drilled-out branches with a variety of openings to make it easy for the bees to find their "home."  Expert bee lovers can even harvest unhatched bee larvae from the reeds and store until after frost.

A modern/rustic habitat the hippest bees will buzz about!

Original, copyrighted design by TerraSculpture /TerraTrellis. 

This product is hand-crafted and requires additional handling time. Shipping can take up to 4 weeks.

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