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Birdies Raised Metal Garden Beds.

Birdies is Australia's leading and original manufacturer of raised garden beds. For over Shop Birdies Raised Metal Garden Beds

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The Cadillac of Garden Beds


Birdies garden beds are powder-coated with non-toxic USDA-approved paint.


Birdies are durable, sturdy, and resistant to damage, rust, and rot.


Made with 100% non-toxic, eco friendly materials that will last for decades.


They're 100% safe to grow food. No need to worry about paint or metal leaching anything harmful into your soil.

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Birdies Raised Metal Garden Beds

Birdies is Australia's leading and original manufacturer of raised garden beds. For over 13 years, they have led the industry with the highest-quality, longest-lasting metal raised beds with the most configuration options, sizes, and colors.

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Container Gardening

Epic Gardening is a global leader in modern gardening education across all media platforms, and now offers best-in-class gardening products.

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Seed Starting & Propagation

When it comes to starting seeds, we're sick of flimsy, thin seedling trays that break after a season or two and end up in a landfill. Our flagship product is the Epic 6-Cell Tray, which is designed to last the rest of your life.

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Raised Bed Lifetime Value Chart


Birdies Original Range Aluzinc Steel Beds

Birdies Urban Range Corten Steel Beds

Other Galvanized Metal Garden Beds

Wood Garden Beds

Price Range

$119.99 - $299.99

$149.99 - $299.99

$69.99 - $379.99

$69.99 - $699.99,varies by wood quality


$6 - $15

$7.50 - $15

$14 - $37.90

$23 - $46.67


Tested for 20+ years

Tested for 20+ years

Not Tested, 5-10 years

3-15 years,depending on wood quality

Weather Durability

Excellentwith UV-Stable Coating


PoorProne to rust and corrosion

MediumProne to rot and discoloration

Soil Safety

SafeNo Chemical Leaching

SafeNo Chemical Leaching

PossibleChemical Leaching

PossibleChemical Leaching if Treated

Ease of Assembly

SimpleNo Power Tools Required

SimpleNo Power Tools Required

Moderate May require power tools

Moderate to DifficultMay require power tools or other raw materials





Moderatedepends on harvesting practices


Ethically Made in Australia

Ethically Made in Australia

Typically Made in China

Typically North America

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