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Espoma Organic Liquid Tomato Plant Food (8 oz.)

Espoma Organic Liquid Tomato Plant Food (8 oz.)

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For Plump Juicy Tomatoes

  • All natural & organic
  • Mix with water ~ Feed instantly
  • Beneficial microbes ensure superior results

For use on All Tomatoes & Vegetables


  • 8 oz
  • .2 L

How To Use

We recommend wearing gardening gloves when feeding your plants.

  • Shake well prior to mixing with water.
  • Mix at a rate of 1/2 cap (2 tsp./9.1 mL) per quart of water. It is best to add concentrate and then add water for thorough mixing.
  • Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant.
  • Repeat every 2-4 weeks.

Feed every 2 to 4 weeks
In the Garden:

Thoroughly drench the soil around the plant.

In Containers:
Thoroughly drench the soil of the plant – ideally the water would flow through the container and some would run out of the bottom of the pot.  

Be sure to have a saucer under the plant to catch the runoff! Remove the water from the saucer so the plant is not sitting in water


Q: Should I water my plants or garden bed after applying Tomato Tone?

A: Yes. Water your plants thoroughly after each application. When feeding lawns, it’s best to apply just before it rains.

Q: I noticed a white fuzzy mold after applying Garden Tone. What is it and will it hurt my plants?

A: The Tone plant foods are blends of natural & organic ingredients. When these materials break down under certain conditions, the result can be a mold-like growth on the soil surface. The growth is harmless and is evidence of the organics beginning the process of nutrient release. Simply turn it over with a shovel or fork if you find this growth unsightly.

Q: Can the Garden Tone stay on the foliage of my plants?

A: Plant food should not be allowed to stay on plant foliage. If this occurs simply water to rinse the material from the foliage into the soil or brush it away with a broom.

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