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Critter Cover Frost Blanket (10 pack)

Critter Cover Frost Blanket (10 pack)

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Product Details

Protect your young seedlings from frost, sunlight, and pests, or extend your season using our Critter Cover Frost Blankets.

Each blanket provides up to 10 degrees of frost protection, giving young and sensitive plants extra insulation. The woven material is also perfect for preventing plants from insect pests and hungry mammals.

Safeguard plants from frost and cold - down to 22°F (-5°C).

Give seedlings a jump start in the spring by providing them with a warm microclimate.

Our frost blankets provide 30% light transmission, so your seedlings won’t miss out on the UV rays they need to establish themselves in your garden. This shelters them from excessive heat and sunlight in warmer seasons.

Each blanket is custom-sewn to fit snugly over your critter cover.


    • Spun-bound polypropylene plastic fibers
    • Weight: 2.0 oz
    • Dimensions: 6” x 9” x 9”
    • 10 covers per pack in a mesh zipper pouch 
    • Made in China
    • Critter Cage sold separately

    How To Use

    Simply place a frost blanket over your critter cover. Use u-pins, stakes, or landscaping staples to affix the cover to the soil in windy areas. The terminal loops on the cover allow for ease of installation. Then remove your cover when the threat of frost, heat, or pests has passed. 

    Note: U-pins are sold separately.

    Why You'll Love It

    This is an expertly-crafted frost blanket with specifications that match the Critter Cover. Its multi-use nature makes it applicable to all seasons, protecting seedlings and small plants year-round.


    Q: Are the pins and Critter Cover included with the Frost Blanket?

    A: No. You will need to purchase your cover and pins or stakes separately. 

    Q: Are the covers durable?

    A: Yes. However, incorrect use can result in tears. As long as you install yours properly, you shouldn’t have an issue. 

    Q: Will the cover block out the sun and prevent growth?

    A: No. You will still have some UV ray transmission through the cloth. You can remove it after frost or pests move on, and replace as needed. 

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