Bracing Instructions

Next Gen Beds Bracing Instructions-


Legacy Beds Instructions- 
If you have purchased multiple Birdies Raised Beds and daisy-chained them together to achieve longer dimensions, you may need to add bracing supports to the middle to prevent bowing out due to soil pressure.

Birdies Raised Beds Bracing Diagram


  • 8mm Threaded Rod
  • Washers
  • Dome Nuts


Take the threaded rod and place it through the 3rd hole from the bottom.

Depending on how long your beds are, you may want to double-brace by placing a second thraded rod in the 6th hole from the bottom.

The rod must stick out 5-8mm on both sides to allow you to place a washer and dome nut on it.

Affix a washer and dome nut to each side, then fasten tight.

You can now confidently fill your raised beds with soil without fear of them bowing or bending.