About Epic Gardening

Epic Gardening has a simple but audacious mission: teach the world to grow.

Originally started as a hobby by founder Kevin Espiritu in 2013, Epic Gardening has since become the world’s most followed gardening brand. As a true leader in gardening education and entertainment, we've built a powerful community with tens of millions of aspiring gardeners across 100 countries.

  • After years of creating gardening content, we launched our online store in 2019 and now offer a collection of premium garden products that we genuinely use, love, and recommend.

    In the world of gardening products, there are a TON of cheaply-made, poorly-designed, or copycat products. We should know - we've tried nearly all of them!

    These products will last you a season or two and then break down, wasting your precious money and creating more trash for the landfill.

  • At Epic Gardening, we take a different approach.

    Every product we stock in our store is hand-selected after detailed testing, research, and seasons worth of "in-the-garden" growing experience.

    In short, if it doesn't stand up to our level of quality,we do not carry it in our store... plain and simple.

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Who's Behind Epic Gardening?

Hi there - I'm Kevin Espiritu. I began gardening in 2010 in my early 20s, when I was feeling lost and disconnected from the natural world.

Gardening became mysaving grace,showing me a better way to engage with the world than wasting dozens of hours a week playing video games and feeling depressed and quite frankly, lonely.

Realizing the tremendous joy gardening brought me, I began sharing my journey online. Years later, Epic Gardening is now a multi-platform gardening education and products company with the mission to help 100,000,00+ people grow their own food.

I have been featured as a Timberland "Hero for Nature", written two best-selling gardening books, Field Guide to Urban Gardening and Grow Bag Gardening, and been on a multitude of podcasts, TV programs, and magazines for my work in urban gardening.


    I started seriously gardening during the pandemic as a way to relax and find purpose. In the process, I discovered that everything from the garden tastes so delicious and vibrant which opened a world of flavor that couldn’t be found anywhere else! This revelation gave me purpose and I want to bring the joy and delicious flavors of home gardening to as many people as possible. By teaching people the how and why behind gardening practices I hope to empower others to discover what I did — flavor!

    I garden using organic inputs combined with a low till philosophy in order to build healthy soil. I like to show DIY projects around the garden that are accessible to anyone who watches. Throughout the process, I am always experimenting with new tools and practices to find the best methods and equipment for the home gardener!