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Germination Domes & Bottom Trays for Epic Cells

Germination Domes & Bottom Trays for Epic Cells

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  • This package only includes germination domes and bottom trays. This product DOES NOT include the Epic Cell Trays.
  • The Germination Domes and Bottom Trays are in stock and ship next business day!
  • Each pack comes with top domes and bottom trays.

Epic Cell Germination Domes and Bottom Trays are designed to fit perfectly on top of Epic 16-Cell, 6-Cell, and 4-Cell Trays, as well as our 5-inch Cube Pot. Our clear domes will help increase seed germination rates, germination time, and increase plant growth overall.

Our bottom trays allow you to bottom water your seedlings and start seeds indoors without any mess.

Increase Plant Growth

Germination domes create the perfect microclimate for seeds to germinate.  Domes, bottom trays, and heat mats can be combined to create the benefits of a germination chamber, no matter what the ambient temperature is.

If you have seedlings growing slower due to cold temperatures you can use the germination domes to increase temperature and humidity at the tray surface.  This can be a useful strategy for gardeners with heated or unheated greenhouses.

Designed to Last
We produce our domes and bottom trays using thick PVC plastic to ensure that they can withstand high greenhouse temperatures and exposure to sunlight.  The domes are resistant to cracking and should give you many years of use.


  • Includes 24 domes and 24 bottom trays
  • Epic 6 or 4-Cell trays not included
  • Compatible with Epic 6-Cell or 4-Cell trays only
  • Dome Height: 2-1/4"/5.7 cm
  • Tray Depth: 1"/2.5 cm
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from PVC (We use a thick plastic construction designed to withstand the elements and give you many years of productive use)

How To Use

How To Use Germination Domes & Bottom Trays

  1. Fill your Epic Starter Cells with a seed-starting mix, and add just enough water to moisten the soil, but not waterlog it.
  2. Dig a small hole with your finger, a pencil, or a chopstick. Ensure the hole depth is not more than 3x the width of the seed.
  3. Drop your seeds in and lightly cover them with starting mix.
  4. Add a light misting of water from a spray bottle, or just enough to moisten the seeds.
  5. Place the germination dome over the top of the Epic Starter Cells to promote high humidity conditions that seeds love. 
  6. Place the bottom underneath the Epic Starter Cells.
  7. Place your cells on a sunny windowsill or under a grow light, and keep the soil moist as the seeds begin to germinate. Once sprouts come up, remove the plastic dome cover.
  8. Keep the healthiest seedling and remove extras with a pair of scissors, being careful not to damage the healthy seedling.
  9. Continue to keep the soil moist as your plant grows. When it’s 3 to 4 inches tall, easily pop out your starts and transplant them in the garden.

Cleaning Your Epic Dome Covers and Bottoms

We recommend hand-washing with hot, soapy water as the best way to keep the material in good shape for years of use. A good dish detergent should sterilize the trays enough to protect seedlings.

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Q: How long do Epic Seed Starting Trays last?

A: Epic Trays are rigid, yet flexible. They’re practically unbreakable and should last you a lifetime.

Q: Will the soil fall out of the tray?

A: As long as your mix is formulated properly, it won’t fall out. Each individual cell in our Epic Trays features an air pruning side slot on all four corners to discourage root circling and encourage better root growth.  The bottoms of each cell are also open providing air pruning at the lower end of each cell.

Q: When should I transplant my seedlings?

A: Transplant your seedlings when they are 3 to 4 inches tall! To remove your plants; simply push the seedling out with your finger. Then transplant them in your garden. 

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