The Birdies Difference

Birdies is the original raised garden bed made from Aluzinc steel, an even stronger and more durable version of typical galvanized steel.

The Material

To start, we use a 24 gauge corrugated Aluzinc steel, which is very strong and a popular treatment for rainwater harvesting tanks, downspouts, and gutter systems.

When shopping for metal raised garden beds, always ask manufacturers about their galvanization process.

MANY competitors use a process that results in a coating three times thinner than Birdies beds, yet pass their beds off as equivalent.

Worse yet, some competitors do not use Aluzinc at all. Both of these situations lead to a bed highly prone to rusting out in ~3-7 years depending on your growing conditions.

Birdies, on the other hand, is rated to last for many years if properly taken care of. In fact, some of the original prototype beds are 13+ years old and showing minimal signs of corrosion, if any at all.

After applying this Aluzinc coating, we paint our beds with a non-toxic, food-safe powder coat to further seal the material and provide a variety of colors to match your garden's aesthetic.

The Style

Birdies pioneered the modular, rounded steel garden bed in various heights and size options.

Beds come in 15" or 30" heights and a variety of styles to fit any garden space, from square, to round, to rectangular.

The modular "6-in-1" and "8-in-1" designs can achieve different dimensions based on how you decide to arrange the panels.