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Worm Gold Plus Worm Castings (20 Quart)

Worm Gold Plus Worm Castings (20 Quart)

Worm Gold

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What is WORMGOLD® Plus?  (Non-Toxic, No Chemicals, All Organic)

  • 92% WORMGOLD® Pure Worm Castings

  • 3% Fossilized Kelp (to supply Calcium)

  • 5% Rock Mineral  (to supply mineral balance)

How is WORMGOLD® Plus different than other worm castings?

  • All other worm castings produced from manures and landscape waste:

  • Pathogen & Pesticides in these sources.

  • These feeds produce : 2-3 million CFU/dwg Chitin Degraders; 10 million CFU/dwg  Cellulose Degraders

Application: Good for all plants! Flowers, Vegetables, Trees, & Turf

  • 10-20% Pot Mix

  • One (1) inch layer over root zone with 1” layer of compost

  • Every six (6) months (¼ ” layer WG Plus ¼” layer Compost)

  • Trees 12 inch wide ring at drip line.  

  • Problem Trees also add multiple tubes 3” x 6” (typical tree 14 tubes)

**Due to the nature of the product, the Worm Gold bags may come with dirt on the outer packaging.**


20 quarts, 5 gallons

How to use?

Use Worm Gold Worm Castings to amend soil for flowers, vegetables, trees, and turf. 


  1. What’s the benefit of using Worm Gold worm castings in my garden?
    Plants grow up to 126% larger with more production when you use worm castings as a soil amendment.

  2. Are Worm Gold worm castings 100% organic?
    Yes! Worm Gold worm castings are 100% natural, non-toxic, and pathogen-free.

  3. Will Worm Gold worm castings help my crops produce more quickly?
    Yes! In trials conducted by Worm Gold, plants amended with worm castings went from seedling to harvest in 10 days.
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