Urban Worm Blanket

Urban Worm Blanket

Urban Worm Blanket

Urban Worm Blanket

Urban Worm Company

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Product Details

Maintain moist, dark conditions in any worm bin with the Urban Worm Blanket, manufactured from jute, a vegetable fiber that should last 6 months or more. This blanket comes in 2-ft x 2-ft/61-cm x 61 cm squares but can be cut to any smaller size.


1 2’x2’/61 cm x 61 cm worm blanket

How to use?

Either use the entire blanket or cut it to your desired size so it will fit in one level layer in your worm bin. Then place the blanket over the food scraps. If you have a tray-based composter, trim the blanket to the size of the tray and cover the surface of the tray’s contents. Water the tray as needed to keep the moisture content comparable to a wrung out sponge. Then replace it when it has completely broken down.  


  1. What does the Urban Worm Blanket do?
    The natural jute fibers provide an insulation layer. Worms gather under the Blanket and make worm babies! It also helps your worm bin lose less moisture through evaporation.

  2. Is the Urban Worm Blanket compatible with every worm bin?
    When it comes to the Urban Worm line, yes! Results may vary with other brands.

  3. What’s the purpose of the Urban Worm Blanket if my worm bin already has a lid?
    The Urban Worm Blanket provides an extra layer – in addition to the lid – that helps you retain moisture in your worm bin.
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