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SD Microbes BierKashi Bokashi Blend

SD Microbes BierKashi Bokashi Blend

SD Microbes

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Organic red flakey wheat bran from Central Milling Organic in Petaluma, California is also used. We then use these upcycled and recycled substrate to grow out our BrewKashi microbial inoculum called LABS, or Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum. We include other natural farming inputs as food for these microbes.

Our bokashi is then fermented in 200lb/90.7kg batches for 3 weeks, then dried for storage.

Biodegradable Packaging - SD Microbes BierKashi Bokashi comes packaged in plant-based biodegradable bags from Biobags inside of a reusable burlap jute sack. Bokashi is all about recycling, so the packaging should be too.


  • Organic Spent Beer Grains

  • Organic Red Flakey Wheat Bran

  • Purified Water

  • Azomite Trace Minerals

  • Fermented Comfrey and Beet Root FPJ (Fermented Plant Juice)

  • Organic Unsulphured Molasses


Size Options:

  • 5 Lbs/2.27 kg BierKashi Bokashi Blend = 1 bag

  • 10 lbs/4.5 kg BierKashi Bokashi Blend = 2 bags

  • 25 lbs/11.3 kg BierKashi Bokashi Blend = 1 large 25 lb bag

  • 50 lbs/22.7 kg BierKashi Bokashi Blends = 2 Large 25 lb bags

How to use?

Paste PDF into Shop (these instructions come directly from the manufacturer’s web site).
BierKashi Bokashi Instructions


  1. What is Bokashi anyway?
    The word Bokashi comes from the Japanese language and roughly translates to “fading away”. Once your Bierkashi microbes have broken down food and moisture, there are a ton of unique ways to put it to use after a short period of time. If you already have an aerobic compost pile or system at home, mix it in to speed up the process. Bierkashi can also work wonders in a worm bin.

  2. What makes BierKashi so different from Bokashi?
    BierKashi uses a special kind of Organic spent beer grain from San Diego’s first and only organic brewery Protector Brewing ! It’s collected and processed as pre-used organic beer grains with a mix of Organic Red Flakey Wheat Bran to create a recycled substrate used to grow a microbial inoculate, Lactic Acid Bacteria Serum or LABS. Farming inputs from Jared’s Real Food, a holistic and regenerative no-till farm and csa in Lakeside, California, as well as other trace minerals as food for the microbes are also added. This mixture is then dried to allow the microbes to sporulate and enter a dormancy-like state until it is ready to be used at home by you!

  3. How do you use BierKashi to compost kitchen scraps at home?
    The substrate that you get at home is a dried blend that needs moisture and food to be added to bring it back to life! Using the BierKashi Composting System is the easiest way to get your composting started in a no-mess way. Over time, the bacteria and microbes in the system ferment the food scraps and partially digest them to then be added to your regular compost bin or to be added directly into your garden beds that are in need of a natural, organic fertilizer. This process is significantly quicker than traditional composting taking only upwards of 30 to 45 days and what you are left with can be used in multiple areas of your garden or indoor plant routines.
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