Root Pouch 65 Gallon Fabric Pot with Handles

Root Pouch 65 Gallon Fabric Pot with Handles

Root Pouch 65 Gallon Fabric Pot with Handles

Root Pouch 65 Gallon Fabric Pot with Handles

Root Pouch

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Product Details

Growers/Gardeners often choose to grow in containers when space for a traditional soil garden is limited or has undesirable traits like little sun or poor soil. Containers also offer an alternative food source for the health and environmentally conscious urbanite with access to a sunny balcony or apartment rooftop. Either way when space is limited and your garden needs to be ‘contained’ it is important to remember that just because space is limited doesn’t mean that your growing options have to be. Root Pouch fabric containers are perfect for the urban/ home grower.




Cubic Feet

Dimensions (in)

5 Gallon  


11w x 10 1/4h

7 Gallon  


14w x 11 3/4h

10 Gallon


16w x 12h

15 Gallon


17w x 15h

65 Gallon 


32w x 18h

100 Gallon


38w x 20h




Dimensions (cm)

5 Gallon  


28w x 26h

7 Gallon  


36w x 30h

10 Gallon


41w x 31h

15 Gallon


44w x 38h

65 Gallon 


81w x 46h

100 Gallon


97w x 51h

How to use?

Recommended uses: above ground growing, pot-n-pot and usable season after season


  1. What are Root Pouch Pots made of?
    Root Pouch degradable plant pots are made of PET derived from recycled plastic water bottles. This material is melted back to a sterile liquid state then spun into fibers. Because the plastic is re-melted it is once again sterile making it a great choice for growing plants for human consumption. Root Pouch does not use new petroleum as some other fabric companies do. So Root Pouch does not contain any toxins and it is BPA free and UV resistant.

  2. What makes Root Pouch Plant Pots a more sustainable choice?
    Root Pouch is made from recycled plastic water bottles. These water bottles were destined to end up in landfills. This not only prevents the water bottles from ending up in oceans and the environment, but also eliminates the need to make additional pots or bags that are petroleum based using natural resources.

  3. What makes Root Pouch the best choice for healthier plants?
  • Root Pouch fabric does not simply hold dirt it provides a healthier root environment.
  • The fabric is breathable allowing oxygen to reach the roots.
  • The fabric has superior insulation protecting the roots from heat and cold.
  • The fabric weave traps the root tips preventing circling and girdling of the roots, encouraging the plant to produce a dense lateral root structure.
  • The fabric disperses the sun’s rays preventing root tip damage from direct sunlight.
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