Organic Tomatillo Verde Seeds
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Organic Tomatillo Verde Seeds

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Tomatillos are much like tomatoes and are often called husk tomatoes. This particular variety forms large green tomatillos. Each fruit grows in a papery husk enclosure on a single stocked plant. They are prolific growers and can be used in a wide range of dishes. Most commonly used for salsa verde or other Hispanic dishes.

Planting by Zones

Zones 9-10

  • Tomatillos grow well in the extended warm season of Zones 9 and 10.

Zones 2-8

  • Sow seeds in starter pots with a heating pad 5-6 weeks before the last frost. Transplant out after the danger of frost is gone.

Planting Tomatillo Seeds

  • Tomatillos seeds are easy to start with a few key things. Tomatoes germinate very slowly in cold soil. If you are starting your seeds early in the season you may want to use a heating mat to ensure the soil is warm enough for quick germination. Soil temperature should be 75-90°F.
  • If you are planting seeds in starter pots, plant seeds into thoroughly moist high-quality seed starting soil. Place seeds on top of the soil and cover with 1/4″ of finely sifted soil.
  • If you plan to direct sow (not recommended), follow the same instructions for starter pots or plug trays.
  • Once the seedlings have germinated and have a first set of true leaves be sure to fertilize regularly with an organic liquid fertilizer.
  • Seedlings can be planted into the garden when they are 7-8 weeks old or 5-6″ tall and stocky.

Growing Tomatillos

  • Tomatillos are easy to grow. You”™ll likely get more tomatillos than you know what to do with!
  • Tomatillo plants can become overloaded with fruit which will bend branches to the ground. Prune off excess fruits to keep the plant size manageable. Add light support if needed.
  • A granular organic fertilizer added to the planting area is a good idea if your garden has poor nutrient content or if you are growing in a new raised bed.

Growing Tomatillos in Containers

  • If you are planting tomatoes in containers, make sure your container is at least 20″ deep. Keep in mind containers will dry out faster because they have more surface area and less soil to hold onto moisture. Mulch heavily on the top layer of soil in the pot to keep the soil from drying out or heating up too much.

Harvesting Tomatillos 

  • Tomatillos are best harvested at peak ripeness. This is typically when fruits have burst out of their skins.

Companion Flowers/Crops

  • Tomatillo plants can get very large. For this reason, we recommend planting low lying plants around them. Flowers like gaillardia and scabiosa look great around tomatillo plants. Grow your green tomatillos alongside our Purple Tomatillos for a melody of colors and flavors!

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