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Lomi Composter

Lomi Composter

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Product Details

The odor free, mess free solution to keeping your food waste out of landfills.

  • Make composting convenient, no matter the weather
  • Fits in any kitchen, big or small
  • No more food waste rotting in your kitchen

The Lomi Kitchen Composter is an innovative machine that turns food scraps or other organic waste into nutrient-dense organic material you can add to the garden or dispose of in your green bin. For those who live in apartments or have limited space for a traditional compost pile, this device can be of great benefit -- and you keep your food waste out of the landfill, too!


Lomi measures 16" W x 13" D x 12” H or 228mm W x 388mm D x 314mm H. It's constructed of a recyclable plastic exterior with metal interior components. 

How To Use

We have an in-depth written review of the Lomi available to read which talks about how well it handles various types of inputs as well as how it holds up for the long-term!

For more information, check out these educational videos below: 

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