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James Prigioni's Essentials Bundle

James Prigioni's Essentials Bundle

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What’s going on, growers? Our friend James Prigioni shared a few of his favorite things with us, and so we’re sharing that collection with you, too! While he follows nature’s lead in the garden and opts to use natural inputs over conventional methods, there are still things that can be used to build your ultimate food forest!

Start with the pruning essentials you’ll need by equipping yourself with Felco gear. The Felco 211-60 loppers make quick work of pruning branch wood. For thicker, older wood, our Felco 600 folding pruning saw can chew through cleanly. And don’t forget regular pruners; the ergonomic shape of the Felco 8 hand pruners will keep you working for the long-term.

Start your spring seedlings off right in our Epic 6-Cell Seed Starting Trays in some Urban Worm Coco Coir, and use the Corona transplanter to pop them right into place once they’re ready to plant out. Your Birdies Tall 6-in-1 raised bed will become a happy home for your young plants, and you can follow Square Foot Gardening methods to maximize the yield in your available space.

With this setup, it won’t take long before you’ll be reaping the benefits of your own food forest!

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