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28" Juniper and Pine Holiday Wreaths

28" Juniper and Pine Holiday Wreaths

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Harvested from fir trees in the Pacific Northwest, these wreaths are a true symbol of winter's beauty. Each one is crafted to perfection, ready to grace your home with a touch of evergreen elegance. This holiday wreath features pine cones and red berries for a classic yet festive look that will add an elegant touch to any holiday décor.


These 28" fresh wreaths are truly a holiday showstopper. Harvested from the pristine fir trees of the Pacific Northwest, they feature delicate juniper berries and pinecones. They're guaranteed to bring winter beauty and holiday magic right to your doorstep.

How to use?

This hand-made, live wreath is made with authentic noble fir trees, they will bring happiness to your home for up to 8 weeks with occasional spritzing. They should be hung in a cool, shady spot away from any heat sources such as direct sunlight, heat vents, and open flames.
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