Epic Grow Bags - Lined

Epic Grow Bags - Lined

Epic Grow Bags - Lined

Epic Grow Bags - Lined

Epic Gardening

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Product Details

Our BPA-free grow bags are great for growers with small spaces. The unique liner system allows the soil to retain moisture while still encouraging air pruning, creating a denser, more fibrous rootball. Our lined grow bags are great throughout the hot, dry summer months when traditional unlined grow bags would dry out too quickly. A lot of sunlight? No problem. The grow bag and liner are UV-treated for long-term use. Each grow bag has a unique retaining strip to keep drip lines organized and neat.

Crops like lettuce and herbs will thrive in our 5-gallon bags. Larger crops such as peppers, eggplant, and tomato can be grown in the larger 10 or 15-gallon sizes. The 65-gallon size can be used to house many smaller plants as a raised bed alternative, or can be used for a large plant such as a young tree or moderate to large shrub.

Growers can also utilize grow bags to produce in locations with poor soil, high weed pressure, or lack of drainage. Our bags are much thicker than average grow bags, ensuring you can grow for years worry-free.

Each bag has a built-in irrigation strip that helps keep water lines neat and tidy. 60, 65, and 100-gallon bags have four handles, all other bags have two handles.



3G: Diameter - 9.75 in., Height - 9 in. 

5G: Diameter - 11.75 in., Height - 10.25 in. 

7G: Diameter - 13.75 in., Height - 11.75 in. 

10G: Diameter - 15.5 in., Height - 11.75 in. 

15G: Diameter - 19.5 in., Height - 11.75 in. 

20G: Diameter - 19.5 in., Height - 15.75 in. 

60G: Diameter - 35.5 in., Height - 14 in. 

65G: Diameter - 31 in., Height - 19.75 in. 

100G: Diameter - 39 in., Height - 19.75 in. 


3G: 4 oz.

5G: 6 oz.

7G: 7 oz.

10G: 9 oz.

15G: 10.5 oz.

20G: 12.7 oz.

60G: 1lb. 9oz.

65G: 1lb. 8oz.

100G: 2lb. 1 oz.

Bag Size Volume (ft3)Volume (G)
1 Gallon
3 Gallon
5 Gallon
7 Gallon
10 Gallon
15 Gallon
20 Gallon
25 Gallon
60 Gallon
65 Gallon
100 Gallon


BPA-free, non-woven, recycled gray PET felt. The felt weight is 450gsm. The non-woven liner is made from BPA-free black PP. All materials are UV- treated and should last at least four years. 

How to use?

Why Epic loves it

Having 3 vertical channels for irrigation tubing makes it easy and painless to set up irrigation no matter how you organize your grow bags. They are positioned at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock locations on the bag with channels that keep the tubing organized making your garden look better while reducing tripping hazards.

Lined grow bags are a great solution for growers who want to add containers while reducing water use. The liner helps distribute and trap water in the soil eliminating the issue of water running out the sides of your bag during watering. The bottom quarter is unlined allowing for drainage while effectively reducing root bounding via air pruning. In warmer climates the lined bags can allow you to go more days without watering and reduce overall water stress to your plants.

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