Epic Soldier Fly Frass

Epic Soldier Fly Frass

Epic Soldier Fly Frass

Epic Soldier Fly Frass

Epic Gardening

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Product Details

Epic Frass is an organic fertilizer made from soldier fly excrement (yep, it's fly poop). Rich in both macro and micronutrients, our Epic Frass promotes long-term health, and longevity for soil. It also ensures lush plant growth. In studies by the University of Vermont, frass provided 78% more yield than regular fertilizers or plant food. Use Epic Frass in place of generic plant foods for a truly epic harvest. 

Weight: 9 oz.

Why Epic loves it

Natural plant food usually has lower levels of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium than synthetic plant food, but natural plant food promotes long-term health and longevity.

Visible results may take longer with natural plant food, but you will be rewarded with both plant and soil staying healthier for longer.

Synthetic plant food gives plants a quick boost but do little to stimulate soil life and long-term health & fertility. Also, synthetic plant food is highly water-soluble and can leach into waterways. 

The rapid, aesthetic results of synthetic plant food can be costly for your plants, soil, and even your surrounding ecosystem. 


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