Birdies Beds Irrigation Kit (Hose Connection)
Birdies Beds Irrigation Kit (Hose Connection)
Birdies Beds Irrigation Kit (Hose Connection)
Birdies Beds Irrigation Kit (Hose Connection)
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Birdies Beds Irrigation Kit (Hose Connection)

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Important: The 6-in-1 Kit will irrigate up to 4 Birdies 6-in-1 beds, and the 8-in-1 kit will irrigate up to 2 Birdies 8-in-1 beds!

Unlock Your Garden's Potential

Hand-watering your garden is a great way to observe changes and problems in your space. However, it's tough to perfectly water gardens by hand, especially with a busy schedule. This is where irrigation comes in.

Putting together the right list of parts to setup irrigation can be both confusing and intimidating. In this simple kit, we've tested and compiled all of the parts needed to perfectly irrigate your Birdies Raised Beds.

You don't need to figure out the water pressure, tubing length, connection types, and accessories...we did that for you!

Kit Details

  • Connects to a standard garden hose: This hose kit is designed so that you can simply attach your hose to the irrigation line turn on the water and irrigate your beds, no PVC or plumbing required!
  • Hole punch included: Easily attach irrigation connectors to your main line tubing.
  • Pressure Regulated: Never fear blowing off your irrigation connectors with our included 15 PSI pressure regulator
  • Easy Installation: We will send you a video walkthrough on exactly how to install this kit so it's simple and fast!

Total Control Of Your Watering

This kit is designed to deliver perfect drip irrigation across your entire Birdies Raised Bed, leading to optimal and efficient watering of established plants.

But, what if you decide to direct sow some sensitive seedlings that need perfect surface moisture to ensure germination? We've got you covered.

The included vortex sprayers spray a fine mist of water across the entire surface of the bed, wetting it evently and making sure sensitive seedlings don't dry out right as they germinate.

Our kit allows you to turn off either the drip tape or the vortex sprayers individually, giving you flexibility to water established plants, germinate seeds, or both! 

If an entire bed is not being used, you can simply toggle the entire bed off with the included shut-off valve built into each bed.

Irrigate (4) 6-in-1 or (2) 8-in-1 Beds

One 6-in-1 irrigation kit includes everything needed to irrigate up to 4 Birdies 6-in-1 beds while the 8-in-1 kit has parts for up to 2 Birdies 8-in-1 beds. Both kits come with plenty of extra hose to accommodate mistakes and a few key extras as well!

Included Parts:

  • 5/8" Drip Tape - 6" Emitter Spacing - 0.46 Gallons Per Hour
  • 1/2" Mainline Tubing
  • 1/4" Tubing for Sprayers
  • Vortex Adjustable Sprayers
  • Tape x Mainline Takeoff Adapter
  • Mainline Elbows
  • Mainline Tees
  • Mainline Shutoff Valve
  • Mainline End Closure
  • Hose Vacuum Breaker
  • Hose Inline Filter
  • Hose x Mainline Swivel Adapter
  • Senninger Hose Thread Pressure Regulator
  • 1/4" Coupling Valve
  • Pro Hole Punch 1/4"
  • Stay Put Tubing Staples
  • Mainline Tubing Stakes
  • Goof Plugs
  • Drip Tape End Closure

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