Birdies Bracing Kit

Birdies Bracing Kit

Birdies Bracing Kit

Birdies Bracing Kit

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Product Details

Looking for extra support for your Birdies bed, or want to combine multiple beds to form one larger bed? Look no further than the Birdies Bracing Kit, designed to fit all standard configurations of Birdies Beds.



  • 6 - 8mm Threaded Rods

  • 4 - Washers

  • 4 - Dome Nuts

  • 4 - Coupling Nuts


  • Do I need to use the bracing kit for my Birdies bed?
    It depends.If you have purchased multiple Birdies Raised Beds and daisy-chained them together to achieve longer dimensions, you may need to add bracing supports to the middle to prevent bowing out due to soil pressure.

  • What is included in the Birdies Bracing Kit?
    The kit includes 1 8mm Threaded Rod, 2 Washers, and 2 Dome Nuts.

  • Do I need to double brace my Birdies beds?
    Depending on how long your beds are, you may want to double-brace by placing a second thraded rod in the 6th hole from the bottom.
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