Air-Pot 5.4 Gallon Garden Planter (3-pack)

Air-Pot 5.4 Gallon Garden Planter (3-pack)


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The best container for larger greenhouse crops.

Developed over 25 years, Air-Pot containers are the only plant pot that actively enhances growth.

Toughly constructed from recycled plastic the containers are reusable and last many years.

The perfect tomato pot. The Large Air-Pot container also helps achieve huge yields of cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines, as well as fantastic flowers and shrubs.

How Air-Pot® Works

The shape of the pot wall guides each root towards an air hole.

Air dehydrates the tip, prunes it and stimulates root branching.

The process repeats until there is a mass of healthy fibrous roots.

The air holes also ensure perfect drainage and aeration of the growing medium, creating ideal conditions for healthy bacteria to release more nutrients to the plant.


Height 12.4"/31.5cm
Outside Diameter 14"/35.6cm
(5.4 Gallons/.02 cubic meters)

How to use?

To gain the full benefits of the Air Pot system, it is essential the pot is put together correctly.

The walls are delivered flat-packed. They’re assembled around the base, and held together with a plastic pin. There is a top and bottom to the base which is clearly marked. There is an inside and outside to the pot wall. The cones on the outside have holes. The cones on the inside have no holes.

At the top are one or more rows with no holes, which form a water reservoir on the assembled pot. The bottom rows of air holes are larger to allow good circulation of air under the container.

How to Assemble:

  1. Place the stack of pot walls with the outside down, and the water reservoirs facing away from you.
  2. Take the base and place it three rows of cones from the bottom.
  3. Wrap the left-hand side over first, followed by the right side.
  4. Screw in the first fixing at the top, followed by the second one (if required) four rows from the bottom.

Video Assembly Instructions 


  1. How do I water plants in my Air-Pots?
    At the top of the containers there are two or more rows of cones with no holes in them. This is so that the water does not leak out when watering. It is also essential that the container is filled to the top with well-compacted compost that goes right to the tip of the cones.

    The exceptional root structure of your plants in Air-Pot containers means that they will absorb more water as they grow faster.

  2. Won’t the compost fall out of the holes?
    Unlike normal plant pots, compost should be compacted in Air-Pot containers – this compaction will stop the compost from falling out. There is no danger of the compost becoming anaerobic due to the holes in the pot wall and very good drainage.

  3. What can I grow in my Air-Pots?
    Almost any plant will grow better in Air-Pot containers. The only exceptions are some bamboos and plants with aerial roots.
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