Q. When will my order be shipped?

Like many other small businesses, we have been directly impacted by the global supply chain issues. We appreciate your patience as we try to improve shipping times.

Currently, our estimated ship time for Birdies Raised Beds and Epic Seed Cell Trays is 1-2 weeks. The delivery time for other products may vary from a few days to a few weeks.

To get live updates on the shipping status of your order, be sure to sign up for SMS message notifications at checkout.

Q. Can you ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada?

We can ship some products to Hawaii, Alaska, and Canada. To save you time and money, we request that you email us for a custom shipping quote. Please contact customerservice@epicgardening.com with the following information:

  1. Full name
  2. Full address
  3. Model(s), amount(s), and color(s) of the products you want

We'll work up a custom quote and get you an invoice ASAP.


Q. Can I sign up for shipping updates via SMS?

To get live updates on the shipping status of your order, be sure to sign up for text message (SMS) notifications at checkout. You will received SMS updates to confirm your order, when your order is shipped, and when your order is out for delivery.


Q. What does "6-in-1" or "8-in-1" modular design mean?

Many of our most popular models are modular in design, coming with 4 corner panels and 6 side panels.

Because of this paneled design, you can achieve different dimensions when constructing your bed, simply by arranging the side panels differently.

This flexibility allows you to customize your raised bed to your exact growing space.

Q. What are Birdies beds made out of and how long will they last?

All of our beds are constructed from 24-gauge cold-rolled steel with an Aluzinc coating at the same strength used for gutters, down pipes, and rainwater harvesting tanks.

In a direct comparison with standard galvanized coatings, Aluzinc performs 2-7x better at rust and corrosion resistance.

With a wooden raised bed, your wood will eventually rot. Likewise, these beds will rust eventually, but it will be many, many years before this happens. We still have original prototype beds from 2007 when Birdies Garden Products started that show minimal signs of corrosion, if any.

If you keep your soil free-draining within a 6-7 pH range and do not use fresh chicken manure, your Birdies beds will last you for a decade or more.

Specific Materials Breakdown:

Steel: Aluzinc steel, widely used in Australia for decades in rainwater collection tanks, gutters, and downspouts. Most of our competitors use a galvanization process 3x less thick and strong than ours, leading to earlier rust and corrosion.

Galvanization: 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silica mix.

Powder Coating: Non-toxic, food-safe paint which has been tested in accordance with AZ/NZ4020. Categorized as non-hazardous according to the SDS.

Q. Are Birdies beds safe to grow food in?

Birdies beds are made from Aluzinc galvanized steel and then further powder-coated with a non-toxic paint. Neither the paint nor the metal itself will leach anything harmful into your soil.

Q. Can I place my Birdies raised bed on a slope?

Yes! You can build a terraced slope with retaining walls, which is higher effort and looks quite nice. If you have a shallow slope and want to nestle your bed into it, refer to this video for bracing instructions:

Q. Will the beds get too hot in the summer or hot climates?

No, they won't, for a few reasons:

  1. The superior reflectivity of the material keeps most of the heat from ever passing through into the soil.
  2. The bulk of soil within the bed quickly absorbs and dissipates heat from the thin, but strong stainless steel edges.

Compared to standard wooden, concrete, or plastic beds - especially if made from a dark color or material - Birdies beds outperform in maintaining even and cool soil temperature.

Q. Are the beds bottomless?

Yes, the beds are bottomless. This allows water to escape and removes the need to drill any drainage holes.

By connecting the soil below the bed to the soil you add to the bed, you build stronger soil life and your garden is healthier as a result.

Q. Can I place the beds on hard surfaces such as wood or concrete?

If you're placing your bed on pavers, concrete, tiles, or anything you don't want to stain, we recommend using a bed liner or geotextile fabric.

To use, place your raised bed in position, then place the fabric on the bottom of the bed from the inside. Run excess fabric up each side and then fill your bed with soil. The fabric allows water to drain freely, but keeps soil from touching your surface.

Optional: To further protect the surface, place thick builder's plastic down before placing your bed into position. Once the bed is filled, the excess plastic can be trimmed around the edge of the garden bed with an Exacto knife.

Q. What is the thickness of the metal beds?

Birdies uses 22-gauge cold-rolled Aluzinc coated steel at 150g/m2, which has been used in Australia for rainwater harvesting tanks, gutters, and downspouts for decades and decades.

Q. Can the clip on safety strip handle freezing temps?

Yes, it is designed to withstand freezing winter temperatures.

Q. Can you combine Birdies Beds together?

You can combine two beds together, yes! We always recommend installing bracing bars to prevent bowing out due to soil weight when combining beds.