Vertical Planter Mover Base

Vertical Planter Mover Base

GreenStalk Garden

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Invented by the same family who brought you the GreenStalk Vertical Garden, this universal spinner is perfect for the at home gardener. It effortlessly rotates even with heavy planters and allows for easy drainage with or without the included 12”/30.5 cm piece of tubing. Use it indoors or outdoors on a level surface. Optional wheels are available separately. The GreenStalk Ultimate Spinner Base is made completely in East Tennessee. Should not be used with the GreenStalk Mover Base, however, the wheel kit from the two bases are interchangeable and can be swapped if needed.

  • Smoothly rotate even the largest GreenStalk Vertical Planters

  • Can be used as a universal base for other planters or pots up to 300 lbs/137 kg and that have a base of up to 15"/38.1 cm

  • GreenStalk Vertical Planters will interlock with the Ultimate Spinner base, other planters will sit inside the base

  • Allows excess water to drain through the spout

Works best on patios, decks, pavers and other level surfaces. Do not use on gravel, dirt, grass, mulch or areas without a firm level foundation. Never plug the Ultimate Spinner spout.


Ultimate Spinner Base

12”/30.5 cm Pre-Cut Clear Drain Tube


Assembled Size: 16 x 16 x 2.5" or 40cm x 40cm x 6.4cm
12” or 30.5 cm Pre-Cut Clear Drain Tube included

How to use?

Place your 5 Tier or 7 Tier GardenStalk Vertical Planter on the Spinning Base and interlock the planter to the base. Ensure the spinner is placed on level ground. 


  1. Does the spinning base come with a set of wheels?
    The wheels for the spinning base are sold separately, and can be found here

  2. What’s the purpose of the 12”/30.5 cm Pre-Cut Clear Drain Tube?
    The 12”/30.5 cm Pre-Cut Clear Drain Tube is perfect for draining excess water to another location. 

  3. Is the spinner base compatible with other containers?
    Yes! The spinner base works well with containers that have less than a 16 inch/40.6 cm diameter. 
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