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Soil Blocker

Soil Blocker


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There are as many styles of gardening as there are gardeners, and we embrace that! Some really want to avoid plastic products, even our fantastic 4-cells or 6-cells that will last for years. After spending time searching for alternatives, we have a metal solution that we love, and so will you.

This Ladbrooke soil blocker will produce beautiful, uniform cubes of soil that you can plant seeds directly into. Its design allows you to take a specialized growing medium and compact it perfectly, leaving you with a lovely, squared-off block with a dimple in the top. Place your seed in the perfectly-dibbled indent in the block's top, cover it over with soil, and bottom-water, and your plants will spring to life without the need to use plastics. You can then directly transplant your soil blocks into your garden.

For those who do market gardening or have a huge garden space, this soil blocker is also a fantastic solution. You can instantly produce soil blocks as needed to fulfill your seed starting needs, and if you find you need a few more, it's only a matter of preparing your soil blend and you'll be ready to plant. The dibbler tips included are replaceable if needed to ensure longevity.

Soil blocks allow the root system of plants to be air-pruned in much the same way as a grow bag will. This eliminates the risk of your seedlings becoming root-bound in their pot, and transplant shock is greatly reduced since you plant the entire block into the garden.

The zinc-coated steel that this soil blocker is made of will last for years, and you'll have an eco-friendly, recyclable answer to your seed starting needs!

Soil Blocking 101!


Material: Zinc-coated steel

Dimensions: 8.66" tall x 7.55" long x 3.07" wide

Weight: 1.56 pounds

Origin: Made in the UK

Individual Block Size: 1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5"

Number of Soil Blocks Produced: 5 per soil fill

This steel soil blocker produces 5 soil blocks at a time. Included with the soil blocker are 5 dibbler tips that attach to the blocker's plunger and make a shallow indent in the top of each block; additional tip types are available and we may carry them at a later date. 

How to use?

Prepare your soil blend in advance; you will need a soil blend that will hold its shape well once compacted. Ensure it's fully hydrated, and place it in a deep container. We have our preferred recipes in our article on soil blocking if you need recommendations!

Press your soil blocker tightly into the soil to fill. Brush off any excess, and repeat again to tightly compact additional soil into the blocker, ensuring it's firmly packed into place. Use something flat to scrape off any excess and create a perfectly-smooth base for your cube. Then, using the plunger handle, eject the new soil blocks onto one of our soil blocking trays or one of our Universal Bottom Trays. Repeat to make as many soil blocks as you need!

Between sets of blocks, it's a good idea to give your soil blocker a quick rinse in water to ensure it keeps ejecting perfect cubes of soil every time. When you finish, rinse the blocker off and allow it to dry fully before storing. 

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