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Urban Worm Thermometer

Urban Worm Thermometer

Urban Worm Company

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Keep track of soil and worm bin temperature accurately with the Urban Worm Thermometer.

The stainless steel stem penetrates up to 5-inches/12.7-centimeters into your soil or vermicompost to give you the most accurate reading. And the green, yellow, and red tick marks let you know when you're in the optimal zone for your soil microbes and worms.

Also available with 2 bricks of Urban Worm Coco Coir and 2 Urban Worm Blankets as part of the Worm Bin Accessory Bundle


5-inch/12.7 centimeter stainless steel stem penetrates soil and worm compost to the perfect depth.

How to use?

Insert the 5 inch/12.7 centimeter stem of your Urban Worm Thermometer gently into your worm bin. Use the gauge to determine whether or not a temperature increase or decrease is needed. 


  1. What is the Best Temperature Range for My Worm Bin?
    Worms are flesh and blood creatures, so they like the same temperature range that humans do, more or less. Your worms will thrive at around 75 degrees, but will have no problem surviving between 55 and 90 degrees F/13 and 32 degrees C.

    The worm population will begin to die quickly above 95-100 degrees F/13-32 degrees C if they do not have a warmer area in their bin to escape to.

    However, below 55 degrees F/32 degrees C, worms will likely not start dying until temperatures approach freezing. Studies also suggest that worm cocoons can stay viable in a frozen state for weeks or months until temperatures begin to rise again.

  2. Can I order more than one Urban Worm Thermometer at a time?
    Yes! You can choose to order one thermometer, or a two-pack.

  3. Is there a more cost effective way to buy all the Urban Worm accessories for my worm bin?
    Yes. These are also available with 2 bricks of Urban Worm Coco Coir and 2 Urban Worm Blankets as part of the Worm Bin Accessory Bundle.
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