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Organic Shallots, French Red (lb)

Organic Shallots, French Red (lb)

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**Due to the nature of this product being a live good, there is a fixed shipping cost.

  • French Red Shallots are an indispensable staple in French cuisine
  • Mid-sized, and very tasty shallot
  • Very tolerant and can be grown in acidic soil down to 5.0 pH, but prefers 6.0-6.8 pH
  • Plant in fertile, well-drained soil
  • Approximately 4-6 bulbs per lb., 3-4 cloves per head or bulb
  • Smaller bulbs have been shown to produce less bulbs per clump, but larger bulbs. With larger bulbs, you will get more bulbs per clump but they will be smaller.

For more information, see our Tips & Tricks to Grow Shallots!

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