Candy Stripe Cosmos Seeds
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Candy Stripe Cosmos Seeds

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Candy Stripe cosmos seeds produce charming flowers that add color and movement to every garden. Foot tall plants produce copious amounts of pink and white pastel-colored flowers that dance majestically in the wind. The plants’ thin stocks and dainty leaves make them a great flower to mix into established beds. Cosmos flowers grow great as a border plant or mixed into other crops.

Planting by Zones

Zones 9-10

  • Cosmos are fabulous delicate-looking flowers that attract pollinators to the garden. Cosmos grow best in Zones 9 and 10, from spring through late summer; if happy, they may bloom well into the winter!

Zones 2-8

  • Grown as an annual. Start seed indoors four weeks before the last frost or direct sow after the danger of frost has passed. 

Planting Cosmos Seeds

  • Cosmos seeds are long and pointed on each end. They should be sown close to the surface of the soil. If you start the seeds indoors in trays or starter pots, start seeds in a high-quality seed starting mix. Sprinkle the seed on top of well-moistened soil and cover with 1/4″ of finely sifted soil. Seeds will germinate in 3-10+ days.
  • If you wish to direct sow the seeds, plant in well-worked soil that has been finely raked clear of debris. Cover with 1/4″ well-sifted soil.
  • Plant in a full sun location. Cosmos are fuss-free flowers that can thrive in a wide range of soils and conditions.

Growing from Cosmos Seeds

  • This old-fashioned annual flower works well in any garden! Cosmos are easy to grow and make an excellent cut flower. We grow cosmos both for cut flowers and to bring important pollinators to the farm.

Growing Cosmos Seeds in Containers

  • If you are planting cosmos in containers, make sure your container is at least 10″ deep. This variety can grow over 3′ tall, so make sure you have enough room to support the plants! Keep in mind containers will dry out faster because they have more surface area and less soil to hold onto moisture.

Harvesting Cosmos Flowers 

  • Cosmos spread joy in the garden and make excellent cut flowers too. Harvest flowers early in the morning and place them directly in a vase of room temperature water for the longest-lasting blooms.

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