Backyard Pro Compost Thermometer
Backyard Pro Compost Thermometer

Backyard Pro Compost Thermometer

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The Reotemp Backyard Pro Compost Thermometer takes the guesswork out of composting. It's large 2.5" dial is easy to read and tells you how your compost is doing at a glance - Steady, Active or Hot. It's perfect for larger backyard piles that require a longer and more heavy duty thermometer. With it's 5/16" diameter stem it's sure to hold up long-term and it's 24" length it can easily reach the center of larger piles. A digital PDF compost guide is included with your purchase to help you get started. The head of the thermometer features a glass lens that will not yellow over time and is hermetically sealed so you can leave it in the pile. This model features an adjustable calibration screw and 1 year limited warranty. This product is compatible with Reotemp brand FM-0 or FM-0S probe handles.
  • 24" Stem Length, Rugged All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 5/16" Diameter Heavy Duty Stem
  • PDF Compost Guide Included with Purchase
  • 2.5" Hermetically Sealed Dial (Won't Fog Up)
  • 0 to 200 Fahrenheit Dial Range
  • Read at a Glance Dial: Fahrenheit with 3 Temperature Zones that Indicate Compost Activity - Steady, Active and Hot

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