GardenStraw Mini
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)
GardenStraw Mini Box - Front
GardenStraw Mini Box - Side

GardenStraw Mini (4-pack)

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Note: GardenStraw delivery times are currently running at 7-10 days.

GardenStraw Mini is the cleanest, most effective straw mulch on the market. Straw is a fantastic mulch for your garden for a variety of reasons:

  • Organic material that breaks down over time, building your soil
  • Light color reflects more light and heat away from soil surface
  • Adds a boost of nitrogen and carbon to soil season after season as layers break down
  • Natural, aesthetically pleasing look to garden beds, containers, and pots

However, sourcing quality straw is the biggest impediment to home gardeners looking to get the benefits of straw mulch.

GardenStraw Mini is a compact, 4+lb bag of pre-cleaned and pre-shredded straw straight from the prairies of Canada. In contrast to many locally-sourced straws, GardenStraw Mini is:

  • Clean - The all-natural cleaning process leaves the straw virtually seed and dust-free, filtered for any impurities.
  • Consistent - Pre-shredded and split, it's a consistent texture and length for easy application
  • Convenient - One bag of GardenStraw Mini covers 20 sq. ft.

Product Details

Note: The 4-Pack contains 2 cu ft. of GardenStraw, which will cover 80 sq. ft in a 2-3" layer of straw, which is equivalent to five 4' x 4' raised beds.

  • Bag Size: 0.5 cu ft. per bag
  • Coverage Area: 20 sq. ft. at 2-3" thick layer
  • Bag Dimensions: 10" W x 16" H x 6" D


1. What is GardenStraw used for?

  • It’s used as garden mulch, lawn seeding, and for composting.
  • Bonus uses – pet bedding, game bird hunting and Halloween.

2. What are the benefits of using GardenStraw?

  • Less weeds – Prevents weed seeds from germinating.
  • Less watering – GardenStraw mulch helps hold in moisture and keep the soil cool, so you’re watering up to 50% less.
  • Less damage to your plants – the mulch helps protect the plants in the rain, shielding them from mud splatter and minimizing the risk of disease.
  • Less aches to you, the gardener – GardenStraw is soft and acts as a natural padding for your knees and joints.
  • Improves soil quality - Will break down over the seasons and add organic matter to the soil.

3. How do I use GardenStraw?

In your garden, flower beds, and containers – Weed your garden first, then place a 2 to 3 inch layer around any flowers and plants, about 1 inch away from the crowns and stems. Then water thoroughly.

Lawn seeding – Spread a ½ to 1 inch layer over newly seeded lawns and water thoroughly. Once grass is fully established, mow normally. There is no need to remove the GardenStraw as it decomposes and adds value to the soil.

Composting – Add GardenStraw as a carbon material to your compost. Simple rule of thumb is to use one-third nitrogen and two-thirds carbon. Lay down GardenStraw first to aid in drainage and help aerate your bin or pile. Continue to add GardenStraw as waste is added. Add a 2-3 inch layer to the bottom of your indoor compost pail to reduce doors.

4. When can I place GardenStraw in my garden?

Place around newly planted plants or wait until your seeds are sprouted. Place GardenStraw approximately 1 inch away from crowns and stems.

5. With GardenStraw layered in my garden, how do I know when to water my garden and plants?

Simply push back a little of the straw mulch so you can test the moisture of the soil. Then water as needed.

6. Is GardenStraw treated with anything?

We use an all-natural process to clean the straw, meaning no chemicals are used or added to the straw as we remove dust, seeds, and other impurities.

7. Is it pesticide/chemical free?

As per our regular testing on the GardenStraw, minute traces may still be found from application during the growing season.

8. Do you have certified organic straw?

Yes, certified organic GardenStraw is available in limited quantities at an additional cost. A limited number of stores carry our organic GardenStraw.

9. Are there any seeds in the bag?

Our process removes virtually all wheat and weed seeds; however, there may still be a few seeds that get through our process. They pull out very easily. The benefits of reduced weed growth far outweigh a few seeds that may be found in a GardenStraw bag.

10. Will GardenStraw blow away? 

Unlikely, but possible with high winds. To ensure that it stays in the garden, containers, or lawn, after layering it down simply give your garden a thorough watering. There is a natural stickiness in straw that helps to hold GardenStraw in place.

11. Does it leech nitrogen out of the soil as it decomposes?

There are minor fluctuations in nitrogen levels as the straw decomposes. Overall, GardenStraw benefits the health of soil.

12. Can it be used around all plants?

Yes, it can be used around all plants.

13. Does GardenStraw attract rodents?

Unlikely. We remove the food source (seeds) from our GardenStraw.

14. How do I store an opened bag?

To maintain a dry, fresh product store GardenStraw in a dry, covered location or bin with a lid.

15. If there is some water damage (darker spots) in a corner or side of a bag, is it still ok to use?

Small amounts of water damage is ok as it’s used as a mulch in a garden or container. Use the water damaged parts in your garden first.

16. Why do we use plastic bags as our packaging?

At this time, using plastic bags is the only viable option for packaging our HealthiStraw products. To maintain the highest product quality, we use plastic bags to keep moisture out of the straw.

Additionally, plastic allows us to compress much more straw, so we can ship you the most product in the least amount of bags. As always, we continually search for and consider better packaging options if and when they become available.

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