Worm Castings

Worm Castings

Worm Castings

Worm Castings

Urban Worm Company

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Add life back to your soil with Urban Worm Castings, freshly harvested within the past 2 weeks! These castings aren't like the traditional ones you'd buy at a garden center, which are screened to 1/8" (.32 cm). Ours are screened at 1/4" (.64 cm), so your castings will likely have:

  • More organic matter

  • Worm cocoons

  • The occasional worm or two

We feel this offers more value to you than smaller particle worm castings which are often lower in biological activity.

Worm castings are shown to:

  • Boost plant growth

  • Speed up germination

  • Increase yield by 20-80%

  • Suppress pests and pathogens

  • Improve water retention


5 lbs & 10 lbs


  1. How long can I keep worm castings?
    They can be kept for months if kept in a cool environment with decent moisture and out of UV light. Adding leaves or other organic matter for long term storage helps too. You're trying to protect the microbiology inside, so if you think of what people need - shelter, food, water - it's pretty much the same.
  2. How do I use Urban Worm Castings? Add worm castings to existing garden beds to amend and improve soil. Side dress plants with worm castings to benefit their growth. Use them in your seed starting mixes. Spread them on your lawn to increase cultivation of grass. Or make a worm casting tea from them.  
  3. What are the benefits of using Urban Worm Castings?
  4. There are several benefits. 
    • Worm castings don’t burn crops. 

    • They’re rich in micronutrients. 

    • Castings increase plant yield. 

    • They protect the soil from diseases. 

    • Some pests hate worm poop! Aphids, spider mites, scale insects, mites, and whiteflies avoid them.

    • Water retention is greatly increased.

    • Soil tilth and makeup is improved. 

    • Adding castings may add worms to your garden!

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