Worm Castings
Worm Castings
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Worm Castings

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Add life back to your soil with Urban Worm Castings, freshly harvested within the past 2 weeks! These castings aren't like the traditional ones you'd buy at a garden center, which are screened to 1/8". Ours are screened at 1/4", so your castings will likely have:

  • More organic matter
  • Worm cocoons
  • The occasional worm or two

We feel this offers more value to you than smaller particle worm castings which are often lower in biological activity.

Worm castings are shown to:

  • Boost plant growth
  • Speed up germination
  • Increase yield by 20-80%
  • Suppress pests and pathogens
  • Improve water retention

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