Urban Worm Bag

Urban Worm Bag

Urban Worm Bag

Urban Worm Bag

Urban Worm Company

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Product Details

New in 2021: Fully Removable Zipper-Free Bottom!
Recycle Your Food Waste. Revive Your Soil.

The Durable, Breathable, Attractive Home Worm Bin Solution

Create organic fertilizer inside or outside your home or apartment using nothing more than common household waste like newsprint, cardboard, and food waste.

The Urban Worm Bag is Durable

The Urban Worm Bag is built with 900D oxford fabric lined with a water-resistant, but breathable liner. It features marine-grade zippers on the top and a zipper-free patent-pending fully removable bottom to allow for easy feeding and harvesting as well as a lightweight iron frame that will not bend or droop under a full load. The “overseam” stitching is reinforced and will not tear at the seams, even under the stress of 120+ pounds of vermicompost. It measures 27-in x 27-in x 30-in tall when fully assembled on the included frame.

The Urban Worm Bag was designed with durability in mind, allowing us to offer a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Vermicompost is its own living ecosystem, potentially full of beneficial bacteria, fungi, hormones, all standing ready to breathe life into your soil.

Your composter needs to breathe too. 

The Urban Worm Bag’s fabric construction helps you maintain aerobic conditions throughout the entirety of your vermicomposting process.

The Urban Worm Bag is Simple

The Urban Worm Bag uses the highly-efficient, but incredibly simple continuous flow concept found in the world’s top vermicomposting operations.

Unless your vermicompost contains fibrous or woody material, your finished product could be ready to use as-is.

No screening. No sifting. Just apply to your plants, soil, or growing medium.


Accessories included:

2 x 1.4lb bricks of Urban Worm Coco Coir

Coco coir is a more sustainable peat moss alternative used for worm bedding

2 Jute Urban Worm Blankets

lay this compostable mat on top of your vermicompost to regulate moisture and keep conditions dark

Urban Worm Thermometer

monitor temps to keep your bin in the "green" zone

This does not include worms.

How to use?


Connect the 12 male tubes to each of the female tubes. This will create 4 vertical supports and 8 shorter horizontal supports.


Connect 4 shorter horizontal supports with your plastic 3-way connectors.


Insert your 4 longer vertical supports into the bottom 3-way connectors.


Insert horizontal supports through the fabric tunneling on the Urban Worm Bag. Connect with plastic 3-way connectors.


This completes your assembly!


Start your Urban Worm Bag with two bricks of low-salt Urban Worm Coco Coir or other form of carbon-rich bedding like shredded cardboard, paper, peat moss, or a combo!


  1. Can I collect tea from the Urban Worm Bag?
    A properly-run Urban Worm Bag should not be producing excess liquid, which is actually called "leachate." But if you want to collect this liquid out of the bottom, just operate the Urban Worm Bag with the bottom fully removed and place a tray underneath to catch it.

  2. Do I need tools to assemble the Urban Worm Bag?
    No. Assembly is simple. No glue or tools are needed.

  3. Are there limitations to what I can throw in the Urban Worm Bag?
    Stick with non-dairy, non-meat food wastes. Worms love banana peels, apple cores, all sorts of melons & nearly all vegetable waste. Food waste is incredibly high in water content, so make sure to add dry bedding with each feeding. For a feeding, we recommend 2x the volume of bedding to food waste. Some users like to layer their food waste and bedding. Others like to mix them together.

    Check out our article, What To Feed Worms
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